Hello 2014!


With the new year comes new (or repeating) resolutions. While a their resolutions, most people don’t.

Here are my resolutions for 2014:
•Transition to a healthier lifestyle. It’s no secret that I have gained weight in the last 5 years. Every year, I tack on a few more pounds. Since we’re planning on checking into fertility, now is a great time for me to get my health into check – not only for me, but for the possible bun in the oven that could come into being in the next few years.

•Get control of our finances. While we don’t truly want for anything, our finances are no where near what we want them to be. My husband’s credit score is great, but mine is awful. We also have a large amount of debt, although not as much as most Americans. We’re going to put half of our taxes into savings and use the remainder to pay off some debt.

•Do better in school. While my grades are no where near horrific, they could be better. Striving for that 4.0 this Spring and Fall!

•Be happier. I’ve been seeing memory jars around Pinterest lately, and I love the idea. So whenever we have something to smile at, we’ll write it on a piece of paper and throw it into the jar. Whenever we’re having a bad day, we can look back on those good memories and smile. At the end of the year, I’ll paste them all into a scrapbook.

Oh, and I started a Q&A A Day Journal! Today’s question: What is your mission? My answer: To have a better year, with a healthier lifestyle and better grades.

What are your New Year Resolutions?!


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